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Email Marketing

Loosely defined as the act of sending commercial messages to a predefined database or group of contacts for the purpose of enticing the customer to perform a predefined action.

Mass email marketing is still popular in the Middle East and Far East. Why use it? Its affordable, measurable, easy and familiar and it does work. Yes, some may mark your emails as spam or junk but if you use a third-party provider, that will not have any impact on your Google rankings or quality score.

More importantly, at SAM we do not like spamming email addresses so we ensure that all the contacts are fully opted in and are willing to receive information. It is easy to lose credibility if your email addresses have been marked as a ‘Spammer’. Most people consider email marketing as an added boost to highlight promotions or get rid of over stock, however, in the education industry this is the exact opposite, emails are used to build relationships and inform potential students about the course they may be interested in.

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