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Keyword planning & analysis

Consumers don’t want to be sold to, they want to be educated and through effective keyword planning, we will be able to have the right blog/article/info graphic/video become available at the right time for the right search.

relationship marketing 

It all begins with the search phrase/words typed in the search box.

This takes a lot of analysis to ensure it is done right, it is probably the most time consuming of all activities in digital marketing, it starts with analysing and profiling the customer to ensure we understand their buying cycle, their buying patterns and their preferences following which we target the stages involved/relevant to the campaign.

Keyword research is more essential today than ever as customers are getting more knowledgeable and informed with ease of access to updated and current information. Thus, ranking high for the right search result can make or break, both your bank balance and your website. It is easy to lose track of spending on PPC through excessive biddings, selecting too many irrelevant keywords, incorrect targeting and a basket of more reasons. This is where strategy, planning and finally the analysis of the keywords is profitable.