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Sales Call & Lead Qualifying

Simply defined this is a phone call made by a sales representative of a company with the purpose of selling a product or service. As annoying as these are – they are still effective in our markets.

Technology used to make these techniques less effective, however, in the information era that we live in, we have access to a number of mediums such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and off course Google with which to track and communicate with a potential lead. These mediums also help in pre-qualifying prior to cold calling, something our telesales team are well equipped to handle. The only catch is your buyer personas.

google analytic

Lead qualification is an important act that stems from the previously defined buyer personas. There are numerous ways to qualify a lead, a checklist, a scorecard, a requirement mentioned to name a few. Some companies prefer to have their sales team deal directly with a lead as the sales process requires the building of a relationship. Once the sales and marketing teams have worked together to help identify the criteria for lead qualification we can move forward with educating the call centre and save the precious time of the sales staff to focus on converting leads to sales.