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Site Audit

A website audit is a lengthy exercise usually conducted by a digital marketing agency that reviews all pages of a website and a full analysis of the factors that affect the sites visibility and ranking on search engines. The goal of any audit is to identify weak points in presentation, structure, layout, content and back links that influence the ranking of the site.

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Prior to identifying weaknesses clear and concise objectives need to be communicated so that we as an agency understand the shortfalls of the website and can provide appropriate recommendations for enhancing the same.

There are numerous types of website audits (again the appropriate type is identified by the objectives of the company), some of them are:

  • Website health audits

  • Security audits

  • Recovery audits

  • Conversion / optimisation audits

All the above audits can be performed as part of a larger audit, which is recommended if you are auditing your site for the very first time. Each section translates into powerful information for identifying potential dangers and pitfalls on your website. The end result is a reliable and efficient system that retains traffic on your site or help generate organic traffic, whichever is more pertinent.