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Social Media Marketing

Who doesn’t know about social media today. The more pressing question is how do you stay on top of all the available social media platforms. It is also important to identify which social media networks function in your region.

For instance, in China, Facebook and YouTube are restricted however WeChat and Weibo have captured majority of the audience.  In Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, Twitter is popular with the national people however, expatriates are more tuned into Facebook and YouTube. However, nowadays everybody seems to be a # (Hashtag) away…

Every agency can spend money and it is easy to lose track in digital marketing, but only a ‘S’marketing agency will do it right.

online social marketing

There are numerous benefits to having an active social media account, the keyword being here active. It is easy to just open an account and keep it but customers today judge the character of an organisation through its social media pages and trust the reviews of other users. Some other benefits are real-time results for ads, increased brand awareness and exposure, tracing the competition and so on.