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Web Design, Development & Optimization

The website is one of the most valuable assets of a company today. It is the main channel of communication between prospective clients and your organisation. Our website design services start with defining the objectives of a website prior to developing a professional website design and then follow with the implementation that meets your requirements.

Let us start with the difference between web design and web development.

What you see on your screen is designed and the mechanics and complex coding that goes into it is development. A websites design has to do with the colour scheming, graphic design and information flow of the website. Next, a developer will address the logical, linear process of coding the website bringing the designs of the website to life.

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Lastly, on optimisation. “Content is King”

This is a phrase that is so common used in today’s informed society that every company in an attempt to attract the attention of the customer is sharing blurb. Irrelevant and unwarranted blurb is what most agencies provide companies with, that is, a discussion on topic where the company is not an expert.

Content sharing is where someone who is considered an expert in a field shares information that would be useful to another person. Unsolicited and irrelevant content will have a negative impact only, so be careful and always review.