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Why should you work with A Google Partner

For companies who are looking to start advertising online or start a Google AdWords campaign, it is important to collaborate with a trusted online advertising agency who understands the company’s goals and objectives.  Google has introduced a programme called ‘Google Partner’ that helps companies identify trusted and competent digital marketing partners to support clients in driving relevant traffic to their website and building their brands. Google partners are companies whose staff members are certified analysts and account managers. They have the skills and are knowledgeable in digital advertising campaigns that utilise the best business plans and strategies that will help the clients save time and maximize the return on their online marketing investments.

Here are 4 benefits that you must know if you decide to team up with a Google Partner for your online ad campaigns:

  •  You will be working with Google certified experts that help their clients grow their customer base and revenue using Google AdWords pay-per-click and relevant digital marketing strategies. They actively do a split test or examination on ads to attract greatest volume of customers to a client’s site and ensuring that there are multiple ads per campaign group with different keywords and messaging.

  • The members are well-versed in all features of Google AdWords and use them in any way that is beneficial to client. There are various settings within the programme that many do not know exists which often results in the company having to waste a hefty amount of money without even realizing it.

  • They provide quality customer service. Support is provided in the form of phone, chat, and email, and their performance is frequently monitored to make sure that the topmost value of service is offered to the clients. In addition, they have their own Google Agency team that can be contacted without having to wait in a long queue!

  • They have access to new products. Google Partners have the privilege to be one of the first to access new Beta features before it becomes available to the public giving the firm a boost in the competition.

In the fast-paced world we are living in, working in partnership is the key to long-term business triumph and competitiveness. Corporations who realise this soon will be the ones who are on top of the game and will succeed in this innovative global economy.

SA Marketing has over 10 years of combined digital marketing experience in the Middle East and we are currently under review for the Google Partner badge. This prestigious badge is awarded to only a digital marketing agency who maintains a minimum spend, delivers growth in revenue, client base & performance, and successfully clears a series of tests over a period of time.

Due in 2018, the Google Partner badge will add another feather to our list of achievements, and guarantee that our team member’s and agency’s skills and expertise in Search, Display and Mobile Advertising are certified by Google.